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UAE is considered to be one of the wealthiest nations, ever since coming into being in 1971, UAE shouldered the task of laying down the various necessary legislation in order to streamline and cope with community development in all aspects and walks of life locally and in the international arena in accordance with provisions of UAE constitution and global conventions and treaties.

Kashwni Law firm was established amid this legislation revolution in 1986 by the advocate/Ahmed Abdul Aziz Kashwani, the founder shouldered the tasks of making a qualitative transformation with other offices in order to develop the legal profession to keep pace with the legislative revolution in the UAE, the office employees high caliber professionals of the other Arab nationalities in a bid to provide the best legal services for the business community and the public at large to provide the best service of the appearing before the courts of all degrees in the field of the arbitration and the representing before the courts of all degrees, in the fields of arbitration and the representing our clients before all official authorities including the Miniseries, federal and local authorities alike.

Towards this end Kashwani Law Firm includes highly qualified bilingual team of legal consultants and lawyers specializing in all disciplines of law including public and private law in addition to a dedicated support staff in order to guarantee the best service to our clients.

Our company boasts of serving leading local and foreign renowned companies operating in UAE, therefore we are hopeful that we shall be graced and honored with your request to provide our legal various legal services; we shall be up to the challenge and up to your expectations in order to shoulder the responsibility and the trust.


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