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Civil Law
Our scope of services encompasses all civil transactions in line with the provisions of the law.

Corporate Law
Our services include but not limited to.

  1. Establishment, registration and licensing of all types of companies of all legal forms in UAE and in the free zones including offshore companies.
  2. Establishment of branch or representative offices of the foreign companies.
  3. Merger, and take over of companies.
  4. Commercial agencies.
  5. Finance and management of projects.
  6. Dissolution of companies.
Business Law
Our services cover all business and banking transactions and the rules in connection thereof as provided for in the law of civil transactions.

Maritime Law
Our scope of services includes registration of vessels and the legal rules that govern marine carrier liability and the indemnification claims for marine pollution and other aspects of marine law.

Labor Law
Our services include all legal aspects in connection with the employees and the employers..

Trade marks, intellectual property rights, and author's rights and publishing and copy rights
Our services includes registration of trade marks, patents, books and the claims related to the infringement on IP rights.

Criminal Law
Our scope of services covers representing our clients before the criminal court in this regard we make use of our extensive expertise in this field.

Investment & Real Estate Consultancy
One of the major accomplishments of the law firm is to give consultancy in relation to investments and financial planning in the UAE, the firm takes a step further and also assist its clients in investing their funds in the booming real estate opportunities here in the UAE.

The firm provides full services from selecting the right kind of investment and doing all the legal and procedural formalities in this context.


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